Monday, October 6, 2014

The Future of TV is Smart

Smart TVs are not yet very big in the Philippines but since the new televisions being sold in the market are gearing towards that trend, getting one has become an easy choice. That was how it was for me when I got my Smart TV. I was looking at getting a new TV and the salesmen at the store started talking me into getting a Smart TV instead. The only thing I knew about Smart TVs at that time was that they had internet and since the price wasn't far off regular televisions, I decided to get one. Well, imagine my surprise when I got home and started exploring its features!

I got a 32" Samsung Smart TV. It was on sale at that time so I got it for just a little more than Php21,000.00. For those of you who don't know what a Smart TV is, it is basically a TV with built-in WIFI.

Setting it up was very easy, I only had to sync it with my home wifi, was done in just about 5 minutes and was ready to explore my new tv. It functions just any tv, but the moment you click that Smart Hub icon in the remote, you are welcomed into a whole new world of possibilities.

The Smart Hub allows you to browse the internet while you watch TV. More than the actual net browser, you see Apps which is like those you have on your android/ios devices.

There are preset items but you can also download more from the categories just like when you go to your Google App Store/ Itunes.

Apart from the Apps, I absolutely love the social media function of the TV which allows me to check Facebook, Twitter, etc WHILE watching tv.

I remember watching FIBA and checking my twitter feed at the same time. It was so cool!

The TV also allows me to be more fit, with a lot of apps on fitness, with access to exercise videos on youtube, vimeo, etc. 

Right now I use my tv a lot for watching videos on youtube. I have actually synced it with my laptop so now I can search for videos and stream it on my tv! If you even have a Samsung device, you can use it as a remote and what you there will be reflected on your tv! So cool!
Of course, there's the traditional internet option which allows you to browse regular sites online. Does this look familiar? 

Hehe. Plus, note that I have a movie streaming on the lower right side. So you can continue watching tv while browsing the internet!

And oh, it even has a camera function which allows you to make Skype calls! UNBELIEVABLE! I wish I could try it but it's a little selfish and only syncs with specific Samsung camera models. Still, just the thought that that is possible is enough!

If you don't want to use the internet, you can also use the TV to watch movies/shows from your USB. I like this option a lot because it plays .mp4s so if you have video clips that you took with your phone, you can play it on your tv without having to convert it to .avi/mpeg formats. Saves a lot of time! 

I am so happy with my Smart TV! It is one of the best purchases I've ever made. The first few weeks I couldn't gushing about it because it is such an amazing product. I'm not very techie but I really like what I've been offered. Truly, the future of TV is Smart!

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