Sunday, October 5, 2014

Young-looking Skin

You know you've heard it so many times before, "it's never too early to take care of your skin" but a good number of people don't really take it to heart. I had a lot of pimples in High School so being particular about my face started early for me. I've been an avid user of St. Ives' Apricot Scrub cause I believe my pimples disappeared because of that. I also don't have pimple scars which I attribute to my use of the scrub. For so many years, the only thing I use on my face is the scrub, and occasionally an eye cream. But now that I've turned 25, I'm starting to explore the world of night creams.

I didn't want to spend so much for my first night cream so I limited my research to the drugstore brands. L'Oreal is an easy choice cause I've used L'Oreal before and I never had any problem with it. My greatest concern was that other products (like Olay) irritates my skin, probably cause I have sensitive skin and I'm still young. So with the choice of brand decided on, the next was to find the right product to use.

I did my research and was advised that when you're still in your twenties, you should stick to products that moisturize and stay away from the whitening products cause those products are too potent for young skin. I didn't want to get just a moisturizer, I wanted a night cream which is a moisturizer plus more. I mean, if you can get a product which has more benefits, I say go for it.

Choosing something from L'Oreal was easy cause there's only two night creams, the whitening kind and the one I got-- Revitalift.

I like that it is a firming cream. Lately, I have been choosing products that has lifting qualities in lotions, bath washes, etc. I find that when you grow older, your goal is not to have soft skin, the focus is to prevent sagging skin.

I've only been using it for a week now so I can't say if there's any improvement. Besides, it's more for prevention so the effects will only be visible in the coming years. But I like that it's such an easy product to use. It isn't very thick and absorbs quickly, which I really like. I am not a fan of lotions for the reason that I don't like sticky products (and we live in the Philippines) so having a face cream that absorbs quickly is a good thing.

How about you girls, do you use night/day creams too?

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