Sunday, June 15, 2014

Maple love

You know we're big on trying new restaurants. To be honest though, it's not always a "eureka moment". There are places that don't live up to our expectations and others that we don't like one bit. It can be a tiring (and expensive) process. However, once in a while, we chance upon an amazing place which reminds us why we like going on food escapades in the first place-- and that is how it was with Maple.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect going into Maple. Sophia mentioned though that it was Pancake House' sister, which led me to believe they had awesome pancakes (hence the name?). The place looked really home-y though so it was very easy to feel comfortable at once.

Maple's distinguishing decor-- the cut out maple tree. It's so pretty!
We initially thought we'd be ordering one item each from the menu but apparently the servings are quite big so we ended up getting a few items to share:

I love arugula so eating this was pure bliss to me. I enjoyed how light it was yet so filling!
Pasta Leggero
A light dish of farfalle pasta topped with sundried tomato pesto, cherry tomatoes and asparargus 330.00
 Sorry for the blurred photo. Didn't realize it was blurred the time I took it. Haha! This pasta was a sure hit with all of us! It's really simple, it's just sundried tomatoes but it was so tastefully done that everything just blended well together to make an amazing dish! I personally love sundried tomatoes, I even eat it as filling for sandwiches and just when I thought a sundried tomato dish couldn't get better, it did with this pasta dish! Two thumbs up for this!
Spaetzle Jambalaya
Fresh spaetzle pasta with their own special Jambalaya sauce, topped with shrimps and Chilean mussels 390.00
 This was another favorite! The most amazing thing about it that you'd immediately think it's rice, but it's actually pasta! This was super good. I particularly liked the texture of the spaetzle, which was chewy, which made it different from when the jambalaya is made of rice and it's all mushy. The texture was a nice surprise and really made the dish stand out.
The dark truffle souffle! Another favorite! I don't normally normally order souffles but this one was a winner! This is perfect breakfast food. I could imagine waking up and eating this and be all smiles the whole day. It just reeks of good vibes!

Overall, we couldn't be happier with our meal at Maple. It's a great home-y restaurant for when you just wanna hang out with your loved ones and enjoy great tasting, comfort food.

Maple is located at:

Shangri-la Plaza Mall LG/F
Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing,
Shaw Blvd cor EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
+63 (2) 477.8027 +63 (0923) 725.6283

San Antonio Plaza
2/F San Antonio Plaza Arcade,
50 Mckinley Rd Forbes Park - North, Makati
+63 (02) 621.6211

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