Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stop and Feel the Love

Valentine's is never a single girl's favorite day. Yes, it is a celebration of love, in all its forms, but even if we don't admit it, most often celebrating Vday is a privilege handed to those who have found their significant others. Although I have to admit, it is pretty annoying to think of it that way, it can also be encouraging in the sense that we would WANT to be able to celebrate Vday with our significant others too someday. Envy is a good thing you know. It's not always something to be ashamed of, especially when the thing you're envying is something truly amazing and universal like love. I mean, it is never wrong to be envious of people in love! In fact, I encourage you to be envious! And I encourage you to want what they have! The universe listens-- always remember that.

It is my 25th year without a Valentine's date. I have to say I didn't imagine it would be THIS bad! It's just numbers but sometimes we have to stop justifying facts and accept it for what it really is-- 25 dateless Valentine's days. I won't tell you it's okay because it's not. I have this thing about accepting reality. People always say that you should learn to be grateful for what you have and see the good things about it but I think that kind of thinking also limits us from what MORE we could become; to the possibilities that our desire for MORE will allow us to have. It's not always about seeing the good in painful situations, sometimes it's also about seeing the painful situation as it is and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So (with shame), I am broadcasting here my bitterness for having a dateless Valentine's-- no, I'm kidding. Well, partly. I think single ladies (or men) shouldn't be afraid to say they're not okay being dateless this Valentine's. Because really, you shouldn't be okay being alone this time of the year. Yes, you have friends. You have family. But it ain't the same!

It's always hard when every year you are reminded how bad you've been faring in your love life. But it's also a good blunt reminder that you should get out there more. That maybe there's a BIG reason why your relationships don't work out. That maybe it's not about what you've been doing wrong all these years, but about what you've not been doing.

Vday may just be one of many other ordinary days for some, but I think Vday is also a day to reflect. To step back and for one day, think about your lovelife. To take a moment from work, school, family obligations, stressors, and all else and just think about love. Just for one day. It's like that saying about slowing down to smell the flowers. Well, I think Vday is like that-- it is a day we should slow down and think about love. Afterall, shouldn't it be everyone's life goal to find love and be loved in return? Well, here's a day to bluntly remind us of that goal.

Just keep at it. Remember, love if it finds you worthy will direct your course-- hopefully in time for Valentine's Day next year. :)

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