Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello, MTV Pinoy

People who know me knows I'm a big fan of MTV. Not just about the channel itself and the music, I actually once wanted to work for MTV (and well, I did on a very short internship). I've always had that connection with the show way back when I was still in grade school and Donita Rose awarded me letter of the day with my paper mache-d request letter I mailed all the way to Singapore. There's even a time I exchanged personal emails with Eiffelene Salvador, another former MTV host. I cannot emphasize enough how close to my heart MTV is-- which is exactly why I am doubly happy to find out that MTV Pilipinas is back!!!

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...well, not MTV Pilipinas, more of MTV Pinoy. But still! Same thing! The show was officially launched last February 14 and features 4 new vj's: Sam Pinto, Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras and Josh Padilla.

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To be truly honest, the first week of the shows aren't very promising cause they've been playing rather cheeky Pinoy songs, but I have high hopes! It's still MTV! And if anyone knows music, trends and the youth... it would be MTV!

I am really excited about this! I know it may be a little premature at this stage but I look forward to when the Philippines can hold an MTV World Stage! If Malaysia was able to host it last year, who could say the Philippines can't this year or the next? So excited for that!

I will always be an MTV girl. I grew up with MTV and it has been part of my past and I just want it to always be there in my future. To the vjs, all the best to you guys! I love you all already!  This is the start of good things to come. Rock on, MTV Pinoy!

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