Thursday, January 10, 2013

Obsession du jour: TLJ

A few weeks ago, I had all three of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. It was a relatively painless process but the recovery part was the worst. I was on a soup and ice cream diet the first week, moved to a soft diet and now I'm in the bread/semi-soft food diet. The first day of my semi-soft food diet, I craved for cake. Soft, fluffy, rich cake. The craving drove me insane. I needed cake-- and not just any cake, it had to be really tasty cake. Well that craving led me to Tous les Jours, a Korean bakery shop specializing in delectable European pastries.

8" Mocha Cake Php598.00
I don't normally buy mocha-flavored cake. I mean, it's so common! What else do you think could they do to a mocha cake to make it more special? Well, Tous les Jours took me by surprise. Their mocha cake is divine! I absolutely love how soft and moist the cake was. The icing was thick but not sweet. The coffee icing on top was also incredible! It was baked in perfection, much like how I imagine cakes eaten by royalty in Europe. To describe it in a word, it was sophisticated and if I may add another word, classy.

Bear Cake Php498.00
 A few days after, I was back in Tous les Jours for another cake (no, not for me). It's for a colleague's birthday. Got her this cute bear cake! Normally, cute cakes don't taste good but this one's an exception. It's a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. The cake part was not as soft as the mocha cake and was a little more "grainy" than the former but it's really tasty too! It's not so sweet and again, it tasted sophisticated.  I would have this while drinking tea in the afternoon.

Apart from the cakes, I also went crazy-obsessed over their breads! Here's my stash from yesterday:

I am crazy over their cream cheese filled breads and so I got all products which had the label "cream cheese" on them. My favorite of the stash, however is their black bean cream cheese filled bun:
 The bread is so soft! It's like eating clouds! Kidding :P I also love the one without the black sesame seeds, just the plain cream cheese.

I don't think my Tous les Jours obsession will end anytime soon, especially since I keep discovering more and more tasty treats everyday (and also because I drop by the bakery almost everyday!). Thank you Tous les Jours! I'm a big fan!

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