Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crafty Discovery

Several days ago, I posted about my eyelet lace puncher. Now, let me share with you all my other purchases!

Some of you are probably already itching to know where I got my crafts supplies. Okay here goes.. It's a quaint yet well-stocked scrapbooking store disguised as an unassuming apartment unit. Passing by the house, you'll see no signage nor will you get any hint that craft heaven is actually through that tiny gate. Hehe.  The place is called Lasting Impressions. Based from another blog where I learned about the shop, it is owned by Iris Babao Uy - a hardcore scrapbooker herself.

Side story: Back in college, I was an avid (albeit newbie) scrapbooker. I've done scrapbooks for my highschool mementos and another one for my gradeschool mementos. My addiction to scrapbooking came to a halt when our house got renovated. I left (and lost!!!) my crafts supplies and my finished scrapbooks. :( Still hopeful to find my scrapbooks, I still get excited whenever my mom decides to have one of the many old boxes in our storage opened.
Directions to Lasting Impressions: From Ortigas Avenue, turn left at Wilson St. Go straight (you'll pass by Cardinal Santos), look for Jose Abad Santos St. and turn right. After 3 streets, you'll see V. Ibanez St. where you should turn right. The 2nd house on your left (the yellow one) is the magical place I'm talking about. Don't be confused, doorbells for units B-E are visible, the one on the far right, near the lone gate, is the doorbell for unit A. Don't be shy, buzz 'em! :)

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