Sunday, November 4, 2012

Table Tennis turned virtual

Most people don't know that I play Table Tennis. I think I just don't register as the athletic type-- but really, I am. Of all the sports though, I take pride in my Table Tennis skills. I used to be in the junior varsity in grade school, bagged the MVP award in high school and played in the inter-college games in College.

I love Table Tennis. I didn't have time to train nor did I ever consider really pursuing it but it always gave me great joy. The problem with it though is that there are very few people who know how to play. Also, it isn't a very convenient sport to play. You have to find a table and a suitable place, and given that it's already hard to find someone to play with, the entire task becomes difficult altogether.

Watching the 2012 Women's Table Tennis World Cup yesternight however woke my inner desire to play again. And because I'm very persistent when it comes to things I want, I scoured the internet for the next best thing: a virtual table tennis app.

I didn't expect much from the app. I mean, hello, it's a computer game-- skills are not really required-- well, apparently I'm wrong! The game is so challenging and feels so real! I love how tough the opponents are and how certain strategies that are used in actual games can be applied!

That's a screen cap from one of my toughest opponents. Hate him! He keeps "dropping" the ball! So irritating!--but at the same time, really challenging! Each opponent has their own style, some have really strong spins, or hard drives. You have to adjust your style with each one. Love it!

...and I don't know if it's real but my back ached after playing. I think I got so carried away, I don't just use my finger in flicking the paddle, I used my entire arm to give it force. Lol!

How 'bout you guys, do you play table tennis?

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