Thursday, July 10, 2014

Manam is Yumyum

Filipino restaurants have a special place in my heart because I believe in Filipino cuisine and I really think it's about time we make the world know how tasty our food is. And I'm not talking about carinderia level, what I want is to elevate Filipino food so it may be regarded along the lines of fine cuisine. That is why I get really excited when semi-high end Filipino restaurants open in Manila. So today, allow me to feature my current favorite Filipino restaurant, MANAM.

I started with dessert because I was blown away by it. It is the tastiest thing I have tasted in a while and the amusing thing about it is that it's just turon-- now turon has a special place in my heart (Manam's version at least). Manam's turon is pretty special-- instead of bananas, it is filled with mangoes and kesong puti and drizzled with caramel sauce with sesame seeds on top. I cannot tell you enough how crazy I am about it! The mango + kesong puti combination is to die for! I am a big cheese fan so this really ranked high in my books :P

I love tofu so one of the things I get from Filipino restaurants is the tokwa't baboy. Manam's version is very tasty as well! I love how crunchy and well seasoned the tokwa cubes are. I also like that they julienned the chilis so it looks prettier.

--one of my Filipino restaurant staples: Gising-gising! This is one of my default orders when in Filipino restaurants because it's uncommon. I love the sigarillas and how spicy it is. Manam's version compares to my favorite at Abe's so another thumbs up for this one!

Sinigang na salmon sa miso at guyabano-- another interesting dish! We got this one because we've never heard of guyabano being an ingredient in sinigang. Well what have you, it works! This dish is actually another of our favorites because it was very tasty and unique. Just thinking of its taste now gives me a bad craving!

Just when you think Mais con Hielo can't get more interesting, it does! How? With cheese! Manam's mais con hielo has quezo real ice cream and has small chunks of cheese in it. So interesting and yummy!

Manam currently holds the position for my favorite Filipino restaurant. If I had foreign guests it'd be a sure pick of restos I'd bring them to.

Thank you Manam for the wonderful meal! I'll be back for sure! ;)


  1. Oh man, that looks delicious. I love kesong puti in anything, but next to mango - genius. Does it melt at all when they fry it up?

    1. Yeah it melts a bit but just enough so you can still bit into it. It's fantastic, I'm sure telling you about it won't do it justice. You have to try it!


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