Monday, July 14, 2014

Pili love

It's always nice to keep rediscovering your own country. I personally am on a mission to get to know the Philippines more this year and my country has been showing me more and more things to love about it. My recent discovery: Adelina's Chocolate with Pili Nuts.

These was given to me as pasalubong by my boss from her recent trip to Albay. I now understand why anyone would bring this back as pasalubong-- they are so tasty! I love that it has more pili than chocolate. You can really taste the pili nut and its natural sweetness. I don't get the chance to eat a lot of pili nuts so getting to eat some occasionally makes me happy. Pili nut is really tasty! Its taste is very distinct and unique in all the world. Covering it with chocolate takes it to a higher level. What I like most about Adelina's though is that the chocolate does not overpower the nuts. It just highlights the flavor but keeps it the star.

The nuts make me want to visit albay soon. It is such a beautiful place! I mean, look at this view:

photo credit:
...getting to eat a lot of pili nuts is a nice bonus to the trip too!


  1. i have the same goal too - discover the Philippines' more because there are so many wonderful things and places to see in our country!

  2. Looks delicious indeed!!! Haven't been to albay yet too! But that photo seems surreal! :)


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