Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Remnants of Taipei

Recently, I've been feeling nostalgic and overwhelmed with memories of my trip to Taiwan. It is truly one of those trips that I'd never forget. There are so many things that I brought home with me from that trip and every single experience I had there has affected me and in so many ways changed my life.

Of the more tangible things I brought home with me from Taiwan are these two:

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I've been baking green tea cupcakes from the premium Ten Ren green tea I bought in Taipei. So what if I'm baking it now? Well, I'm not just baking it, I've gone to actually selling these. HAHAHA! Who would have thought, right? I've always enjoyed cooking and baking but I never thought of being serious about it until I baked these and other people enjoyed them so much I decided to sell them. Well I've already sold more than 4 dozens of these since last week which makes me think I could actually pursue this baking thing. Thanks of course to that green tea I bought in Taipei :)

Another fruit of my Taiwan stint is my current musical obsession, Joanna Wang. I'm not sure if you're familiar with her but she's a big star in Taiwan and apparently in other SE Asian countries as well co'z my friends from abroad know her too.

I was first drawn to her because of her song, Lost Taipei, which at that time was so fitting for what I felt. Its lyrics goes, "And so it's said that I left my heart, I left it in a lost Taipei with you" :) After that, I started listening to her which eventually brought about my current obsession to her music. I have her cd on loop in my car so it's Joanna Wang all the way. 

My other favorite is Start From Here, because I just love the melody and this line: "I don't care where we go... Let's start from here". *melts*

Truly there is so much that my trip to Taiwan has left me with. Not just the awesome memories but things that are continually affecting my life like the cupcakes and Joanna Wang. The intangible things however are what I cherish most about it. It's the moments I had with certain people there that makes me feel so nostalgic right now. I am taken back to particular episodes-- to certain memories and my heart suddenly goes on overdrive and I'm filled with utmost happiness and longing. 

It was indeed a very memorable trip for me. I don't normally get too attached to a particular country or place, unless of course the experience changed my life in some way. 

Thank you Taiwan for the wonderful moments. Thank you to everyone I met. Thank you for the things you left me with. And thank you for moving me in ways I never imagined :)
Here's a video my room mate and I did for our group presentation. Just wanted to share this because not only did we work really hard on this (while everyone was sleeping, we were doing this!) but also because it encapsulates my trip to Taiwan.

Call us, Baby from Ninin Sampiano on Vimeo.
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  1. I want to take those cupcakes! Green tea has always been my favorite flavor. It's a good thing that aside from having fun, you also learned a lot of deeper things while traveling abroad. Have fun this summer, btw! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog. :D

    1. Thanks Gian! you can order the cupcakes at Chorchi's! Lol! :) have a great summer too!


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