Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's do the Zumba!

I've heard a lot of buzz about Zumba before but it is only now that I got to try it with a good friend-- and true enough, it does deserve all the it has been getting!

We tried Zumba for no particular reason-- we just had time in our hands and often when we're idle, we always want to try something new. And that was when we heard there's a Zumba class offered in a mall near us for just a meager Php60.00! Wow, cheap and conveniently located? We're game for that!

Honestly, I didn't come as prepared as ordinarily. Often, I would research a bit about the activity so I'd know what to expect (and also because I didn't want to get humiliated if I make mistakes). But I was so busy this week, up to the moment I had to leave for Zumba that I went there with nothing in tow-- no prior knowledge; no expectations; just pure enthusiasm.

The class started immediately without any introduction. The music played and the trainor started dancing and everyone else mimicked his movements. The dance was aerobic with a little bit of ballroom incorporated in it. It was fast but not too complicated.
At the start, I thought to myself "yeah, this is easy!" but after a while, I found myself catching my breath. The thing with Zumba is not whether you can execute the movements well, it's all about you MOVING. Just for you to keep moving and not stop. For the entire 1 hour class, we had just three 5-minute breaks which means we were moving non-stop for 45 minutes.

 I've heard about that kind of technique before, how you should keep moving from one exercise to the next so you don't allow your muscles to rest. I've never been a fan of aerobic exercises because I have asthma and I always fear I would lose my breath but for some reason, I didn't have that problem with Zumba. I think maybe because the music and steps are fun! As my friend commented, Zumba feels like you're just "partying it up". How very true!

I can't wait for our next Zumba session!


  1. I've also enrolled in Zumba class for 2 weeks now. It's incredible and I felt like I'm always in the move and not lazy. It's good to perk up some positive and good mood every single day.

    1. True! as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde puts it, "Exercise produces Endorphins, Endorphins make us happy!" Have a great time Zumba-ing! :)


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