Friday, April 5, 2013

Online shopping made easy at Zalora

Busy girls would agree with me when I say online shopping is a savior! I've always enjoyed going to the mall and shopping the old fashioned way but since I started working, going to the mall has become nearly impossible. I would have to schedule it just so I could go. I mean, shouldn't going to the mall be more of a relaxing activity, not a task you would "schedule"?

There are so many times I'd have to shop online for an important event just because I don't have the liberty and time to go around the shops and scout for an outfit. Thank goodness there are online stores that make shopping easier for a busy body like me.

One of my trusted and "go-to" online shops would be Zalora. I know it's not new. A lot of you people already know about the site but I think they deserve a blog post just because they're doing such a great job at it and a little pat on the back won't hurt.

I started shopping at Zalora last year where I bought a swimsuit and a blazer.

Remember how this black and orange blazer saved me during the AGFUND awarding? It was the perfect cover up for my slinky and "arab" inappropriate dress.

I also loved the swimsuit I bought but I haven't worn it out yet so no picture! Plus, my body ain't swimsuit worthy right now, I won't do the swimwear any justice. lol!

My shopping experience at Zalora was so easy that I decided to shop again just last week!

The coolest thing about  my recent purchase is the fact that I didn't have to trouble myself paying for it via bank deposit, gcash, etc. Zalora now has a "cash on delivery" option! It was so convenient! Plus, the shipping charges are waived when your purchase is more than Php1,000! Just note though that like most online shops, your items will arrive after 3-5 days depending on your location. So it's best to keep that in mind when shopping at Zalora or any other online shop.

Overall, I love Zalora not only because they carry good brands but also because paying is a breeze, making the whole experience so pleasant!

If you're like us who sometimes get too busy to shop, try Zalora! Your next great outfit is just literally a "click away!"


  1. Like you look! mind to follow each other? let me know!

    Love sasa♥

  2. I agree! Zalora can be a huge lifesaver! :)

  3. Yeah I prefer online shopping rather going for the malls as I can view a large number of items in a very short amount of time and it is less confusing to buy online. The second thing is I can view the same item and think about it as many times as I want.
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