Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Review: The Last Song

"When my world is fall-ing apaaart! And there's noooo light to break up the daaaark! That's when I! Aaaaaaaah..I! I look at youuuuuu!" *ehem ehem*

I cannot tell you just how addicted I am to that song! It only took a morning and Miley on loop for me to memorize it. Hahaha!

I'm not really a big Miley fan-- I don't even like her that much but this song, and her overall appearance(?) on the vid has got me wanting to see the movie! --and so I did!

The plot of the movie is very simple. The girl is a rebel, product of a broken family, who had to "painstakingly" spend her summer with her Dad in the country. Then there's the boy-- the typical jock: appealing, impressive (you will know with his achievements in the movie) and extremely persistent. In short, it's a love story.

But the one thing that differed this from The Notebook and Dear John is the fact that although it is a love story, it isn't as mushy. The focus of the film shifted to Ronnie (Miley's character) and her dad's relationship-- and that's where the water works start. Let me just leave you with this little spoiler: the song "When I look at you" is not for her 'boyfriend', it's for her dad :)

I say overall the film was so-so. Yes, it stuck to the traditional Sparks way of storytelling. And yes, the buckets of tears were there but it wasn't as moving as his other films (Think: The Notebook). Also, I am torn on how to react to Miley's acting. I mean, the personality of her character was so her, she hardly had to "act" but I don't know... she just looks... stupid. I even want to strangle myself for wanting to see the film so bad. Should've just waited for the dvd instead. Blah.

PK rating: 6/10

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