Friday, May 21, 2010

Smoothness in a box

Since I discovered the (painful) joy of waxing, I've been waxing eversince. You know I use Strip It's Sugar wax but because I ran out of stock and I was too lazy to go out and pay via gcash/bank deposit, I decided to just get a box of Veet wax strips instead.

The box contains 12 strips all in all and as you can see, each is as big as my hand. Like what I do with Strip It, I cut the wax strips into smaller pieces to lessen the pain. Sorry didn't get to take a pic, but just imagine it cut crosswise.

Sooo... let's go to its pros and cons!

PROS: So easy to use! No more sticky applications, no excess wax, no prep time needed!

CONS: A little expensive, since the strips can only be used once and they are only enough for both legs, the price of php229.75 does not give good value for your money. Compared with Strip It which costs less then 300 bucks per tub and could last you for more than 4 waxing sessions, then I say, go for Strip It!
Also, for some reason the hair grows back faster. I'm only in my second week and already I can see it growing back. This comes as a surprise co'z I'm used to waiting for at least three weeks to a month before they start to regrow. *sigh*

Anywaaaaay, this isn't supposed to be a comparison of the two. It's just that I can't help it! In the end, I say, I'm still a Strip It girl but for times of extreme need, then Veet is the next best thing! :)

So with what's left of summer, I wish you all "smoothness" everyday!

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