Sunday, November 16, 2014

Golden Myanmar

If my life was a story book, this Chapter would be mystical; reflective; serene and inspirational. Myanmar is beautiful precisely because of this. My trip to Myanmar is a bucket list trip. My god sister and I have been dreaming of going there for years but in the past, Myanmar hasn't been too open to tourists. That, and the lack of easy transportation. But like all things, timing is everything. And now is finally the right time for us to visit. Say hello to beautiful Myanmar!

Thank you Myanmar for the amazing memories! It's really one of my profound trips. I feel like I lost myself, left something behind in Myanmar, then found myself again. It's amazing how travelling can change you and make your life better. And this trip reminded me why I like travelling to "off the beaten track" destinations so much-- because you're pulled away from everything you're used to and you get to think. To just take in the natural beauty of the world. To remind you that there are so many aspects of life and if you just detach from the material world for a while, maybe-- just maybe you'd finally find what you've always been searching for.

Maybe I found a little piece of my missing self in Myanmar. And how can I not when the place just evokes that. It is so naturally beautiful that you start seeing the world with fresh eyes. You ask yourself when was the last time you stopped... really stopped to watch the sunset? Or see the sun rise? Myanmar gave me that opportunity and for that (and more) I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for the memories, Burma!

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