Monday, August 25, 2014

Of Operas and Daydreaming

Yesterday, I saw my first Opera.

 My only idea of Operas is that from what I saw in Pretty Woman. That scene with Julia Roberts in the beautiful red dress and Harry Winston necklace is how I've always viewed Operas as. But I'm not Julia Roberts and my version of the Opera is not as lavish as hers. For one, it was a matinee show (in the afternoon) and the dress code wasn't very strict (I was in a t-shirt). But the overall feeling was basically the same.
Black shirt - Bench | Green graphic mini skirt - H&M | Black and brown wedges - Rajo Laurel for Parisian
I'm notorious for falling asleep during musicals or anything that has to do with orchestral music. So I won't lie and tell you outright that I fell asleep in Act 1, and daydreamed my way through the next two Acts. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful. It's also a different kind of singing which makes it very interesting but it's just not for me.

What's the difference between Musicals and Operas? I find that Operas have simpler plots, with longer song numbers. The pacing is slower so it can be a bore. But it also has that air of luxury to it which makes it so... for lack of a better word, Regal.

The design of the sets are also very lavish but at the same time quite simple. It takes you back to the time of Shakespeare when sets were opulent but looked like a "set". Most sets now try to make things more realistic but Operas don't give you that. They give you that sense of fantasy, but in which you know (and are aware) that it is not real. You know that feeling that you're watching it from afar, versus that feeling that you are one with that characters. That's how I felt with Operas.

Overall, I say I am pleased at how my first Opera experienced fanned out. It didn't disappoint me, given that the entire production was beautifully done, but it's also something I don't think I'd be watching again soon. Watching Operas elevates your artistic taste, that indeed is true, like anything less feels like child play. But maybe I'm not in that level yet. Or maybe it's just not for me. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. And definitely something I won't ever forget.
With Jae Wook Lee, the Duke of Mantua. Amazing voice he has!

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