Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Give me something cold

It's so hooooot! I feel like a pirated cd. I cannot. cannot. cannot. think straight. cannot. cannot. cannot. Function.

To somehow cool down my brain, I've compiled here pictures of my favorite cold treats from everywhere!

8. Theobroma's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

7. Dimpy's Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

6. Swensen's Nutty Caramel sundae

5. Magnolia House's Ice Cream treats

4. Golden Spoon's Red Velvet and Plain Yoghurt with caramel sauce

3. Binggrae Ice Cream Sandwich

2. Lulu Belle's Plain and Acai flavored yoghurt

1. Haagen- Dazs' Ice Cream fondue

Aaaaaah. I am drooling right now. It doesn't seem to be the brightest idea to post pictures of super yummy ice cream. Now, I cannnot. cannot. cannot. cannot. function more. must. must. must. eat ice cream. Nom nom nom nom.

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