Saturday, April 14, 2012

A foodie's dream hideaway: Vieux Chalet

My dad wanted to go to Vieux Chalet last Valentine's but the restaurant was fully booked. So when we needed to go to Antipolo last week, he told us to call and reserve a table for 5. Unfortunately, it rained and traffic was terrible so we got there an hour after our reservation but luckily they were still able to accommodate us.

Vieux Chalet is a Swiss Restaurant neatly tucked in the mountains of Rizal. I studied near the area for 13 years and it's only now that we found out about the restaurant. Shocking, I know! But that's what adds to the charm of this discrete restaurant.

Our post-Vday and post-parents' anniv celebratory lunch started with these..

L-R: Lemongrass iced tea (my chosen drink), Mango Shrimp Salad, Pumpkin Soup

Then came our main course.. The really tasty sausage platter, the oh-so-heavenly Five Cheese Pizza, and the Cannelloni.

I don't know why but whenever we dine out, we ALWAYS ALWAYS have leftovers to take home. But this time around, we were so hungry (probably because we arrived past lunch time) that all our appetizers were finished in seconds. The same thing happened with the sausages and pizza. Haha.

As we were finishing our food, we were lucky enough to catch the owner get back to her laptop at the next table. She was quietly sipping her tea and researching on raw foods. The waitress introduced her to us and chatted with us for a few minutes. She then told us that their restaurant used to be the favorite hideaway of Filipino celebrities, politicians and socialites. Well, who wouldn't favor their place? The weather's cool, the food's great and the place is secluded.

Anyway, to cap our food fest, we ordered the following desserts..
Swiss Chocolate Cake + Homemade Honey Orange Ice Cream
Carrot Cake + Homemade Honey Orange Ice Cream
With all the accolades Vieux Chalet has gotten in its 28 years of existence, my humble review might not matter much but still I'm glad to say that I've finally tried their food and everything is spectacular indeed!

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