Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gourmet Lollipop

It's no secret. I have a sweet tooth. So when my godmother handed me these, I almost finished the entire box in one sitting!

Gourmet. Hmm.. it's lollipop! How do you make it gourmet? Well, apparently See's has got it all figured out. I didn't expect much considering it's lollipop but just one lick on it and immediately I understood how it could be "gourmet".

In Cafe Latte flavor
It's really delicious! You could taste how authentic the ingredients are and you could really tell the difference from a regular lollipop. I feel like it's from a 60's candy store where candies are home made. I imagine the "bakers" (do you call them bakers?) pouring pure milk chocolate or butterscotch into square molds and waiting for it to harden. So vintage-y!
My assorted box comes in chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and cafe latte flavors. I LOVE the butterscotch. I don't often come across butterscotch-flavored candy. My only recollection of having tasted such is eating butter balls as a child (remember those?). Of course those butter balls are no match to these ones from See's!

My lollipops came all the way from New York but I hear there are branches in Hong Kong and Macau so I suggest you drop by if you're ever in the area! (Or may want to ask your relatives in the US to bring these home as pasalubong :P) The lollipops are one of their bestsellers but you want to check out their other sweet offerings as well.

For more info and to check out other products See's offers, check out their website here

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