Tuesday, October 21, 2008


NJ and I have been planning our Saigon trip since forever just because of the really sulit nail art she got there in her previous trip. Yes, it feels divine to get your nails beautifully done. Yes, newly painted nails do look gorgeous. But, what do we do once the polish starts chipping off?

Splurging for the nail spa - polish, nail art and all - is a privelege. It is a type of hygeine that should be properly done or else...(improper cutting of cuticles could cause ingrown) but you must know that even the acetone we use should be the proper kind. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use just any acetone. Even if it is cheaper to use the generic ones you see in groceries or drugstores, try opting for the branded ones. We are not suggesting these because we're brand conscious (coz we're not) but because the level of acid in these are milder. Remember, too much acid causes your nails to dry faster and get weak.

So, what do we suggest?

Sally Hansen Polish Remover
This brand actually has a wide variety of nail polish removers. Whether you have dry and brittle nails, thin nails, or sensitive nails; they surely have a polish remover for your nail condition. Their specialized polish removers contain several nutrients and vitamins that would help care for and cure your nails. My personal favorite is the salon formula for artificial & sensitive nails. However, my only concern with this brand is that it takes a lot of nail wiping before the polish is completely removed. A positive observation, though, is that it smells better than plain acetone and it doesn't dry the nails as much as plain acetone.

The Face Shop Fragrant Nail Enamel Remover
Honestly, I've been buying nail polish from Faceshop for some time now. But never have I glanced at their polish remover until last weekend. I got hooked and bought one because of what the bottle said. It said: "Specially blended with the sweet scent of strawberries..". Hmm..strawberries huh? Let's see if this product delivers. I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised that it really did smell like strawberries! I couldn't stop from sniffing the yummy scent. Also, even if it contains little acetone it is an effective remover - it didn't dry my nails and the polish was removed with just one wipe. I must say, I now have a new favorite nail polish remover. ;)

The next time your nail polish starts chipping off, I hope you remember our reminders and opt for the more ecofriendly and nail-friendly nail polish removers!

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