Sunday, March 8, 2015


"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean, in a drop." - Rumi

I celebrated my birthday just a few days ago in Cebu and it was all sorts of beautiful. The past few months have been emotional for me for the plain reason that I *think* I'm going through the quarter life crisis. My trip was no exception. I found myself being emotional and confused. But after seeing how beautiful Cebu is and how there are so many things I can be so grateful for in my life, I came back feeling refreshed and less confused altogether.

There is something so calming and therapeutic about being in nature. They say if you're depressed, you should go to the beach or the mountains. It will remind you that life is beautiful and that problems will get solved, eventually.

And it is true. We get so caught up in our inner struggles that we sometimes fail to see the good things happening around us. We fail to recognize our blessings and forget to be thankful sometimes for the good things we receive. This trip reminded me of that.
I am beyond blessed to be in a happy place right now. I didn't recognize that before the trip but looking at my pictures and reliving the moments made me realize how great my trip was and how amazing my life is. I know there will be times I will be insecure and would question my life but at least now I know there is merit in being grateful. Merit in just being thankful for what you have now and to not question it but just say thanks.

So allow me to say thank you to all of you too for being part of my life. Blogging has been a big part of my growing years, and you've been with me through all the struggles. I am blessed that I get to continue doing what I'm doing now. And to continue living the life I have now. With my whole heart, THANK YOU.

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