Monday, December 16, 2013

Obsession du jour: Skorts

I've recently developed an obsession for skorts. To illustrate, allow me to show  me the recent occasions I've worn skorts:

At Marcia Adams' Tagaytay:
White polo: from Bangkok, White skort with arrow head print: Apartment8Clothing, White gladiator shoes: Aldo
I opted to go all white for this look. It's just a bit sad that my skirt is a size too big for me-- which is my fault because I was in a hurry to fit it that I wore it over my shorts. So stupid. Add to that the fact that it is made of silk, the skort kept sliding down my hips. I really would have to have this altered. Ugh.

Work "field trip" at Pampanga:
Basic white shirt: Uniqlo, Navy blue skort: Plains & Prints
Skorts are really versatile and relatively "safe". I like that I was able to wear it to a work-related trip because it still looked formal and yet casual at the same time.

At Singapore:
Grey top: Bench, Camouflage skort - Plains & Prints
You can also wear it on a trip! Love how you can dress it up or down depending on your mood. Since it's made of silky fabric, it is very cool on the skin and you can do a lot of activities without it constricting your movement. Very comfortable indeed!

I am obviously obsessing over skorts. The weird thing is, I'm not yet done! I still feel like I haven't found the perfect skort for me (the length is wrong, it's too big, the color is wrong, etc.) So you could definitely expect to see me buy more skorts in the future-- until I find the perfect one or until this crazy obsession dies a quiet death.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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