Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Juju Cleanse

I remember doing a post about trying to follow a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, I still haven't lived up to what I preached. But at least I think I got a step closer to living a healthier life through Juju Cleanse.

Since I've been feeding myself junk food and processed food most of the time, I felt that it was high time to cleanse. A friend mentioned that I should try drinking laxatives to cleanse my system but my brain told me not to take that approach. Luckily, I saw another blogger's post about her Juju Cleanse experience. I eagerly visited the site and texted my inquiries and order to the owner, Kat Azanza.

I ordered Juju Cleanse Level 1 for 1 day cleanse duration, which is an intro level to the world of detoxification..perfect for a newbie like me! One cleansing kit contains 6 detoxifying drinks that will serve as your nourishment for the day. The drinks contain all-natural mixtures of fruits and vegetables.

If you're wondering how my Cleansing went...feel free to read my Juju-journal. A little warning though, I might be over-sharing at some points:

1st Drink: Green Bomb
Ingredients: Several green, leafy veggies (not sure what veggies)
Reaction: I was super excited to start my cleanse so even though this was challenging to drink I finished the whole bottle. Don't get me wrong, I eat veggies but I'm not a fan of raw ones. Hehe. The green bomb is aptly named as the distinctly green-veggie taste explodes and stays in your mouth. Seriously, when I burped I still tasted the concoction. (Haha, sorry TMI?)
As I've mentioned, it was challenging to drink it but I liked that the juice seemed like it was carbonated. I'm not sure though if they used carbonated water for the drink (I'm guessing they didn't). The smell and taste made me cringe and undergo a regurgitative spasm for a bit. When I finished the bottle, it felt as if I defeated someone until I realized I had to drink another green bomb later in the day.

2nd Drink: Spicy Limonada
Ingredients: lemons, cayenne pepper
Reaction: I liked this a lot. It was delicious. If not for the super hot cayenne pepper, I would've finished this half the time it took me. I think I also drank an equal amount of water along with this bottle. :)) I'm now wondering if I can request for less heat next time.. Hahahaha.

3rd Drink: Red Giant
Ingredients: beets, andIdontknowwhatelse
Reaction: Whoa. I couldn't defeat this giant. After 2 big gulps, I.GAVE.UP. :|

4th Drink: Alkazest
Ingredients: grapefruit, pineapple, coconut
Reaction: I feel ashamed to admit that I don't eat fruits. I taste (more like take an itsy bitsy bite of) certain fruits, I drink fruit juices but I don't eat/devour/get to finish fruits. However, there are also some fruit juices that I don't drink. Grapefruits, pineapples and coconuts are some of the fruits that I don't like to eat nor drink. So it was a surprise that I liked loved the 4th drink. I finished the drink in one minute. :) The next time I cleanse, I'd probably request for 2 bottles of alkazest (and hold the red giant).

5th Drink: Green Bomb
Ingredients: green leafy vegetables
Reaction: Drinking this was not as difficult as drinking the 1st bottle. Maybe it was because I've already tasted the wrath of the 3rd drink, the Red Giant? Hahaha. Also, I found myself craving the green bomb the day after I cleansed. Weird, right? I guess my body wanted to have more of the healthy drink. 

6th Drink: Salaba't Lemon
Ingredients: ginger, lemon
Reaction: I've tasted 2 types of salabat (ginger tea) before. The first time I had ginger tea was at a spa where the tea was yummy, slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness. The second time was at our caf and the tea tasted blech and too spicy. Fortunately, the 6th drink fooled my taste buds and tasted like dalandan soda (sans the carbonated water).

To sum up my experience, I think I've found the detox that's almost perfect for me. Perfect would be if they'll allow me to change the 3rd bottle to a second serving of the 4th bottle. I can say that it did help me feel lighter and cleansed. Its impact was still visible even after a few days because I was craving and opting for healthier food choices such as veggies, fish and not-so-oily food. In fact up to now it still has some effect on me. I'm thinking of doing the cleanse for a longer period like 3 days, perhaps? Or maybe I can modify the level 1 for 1 day cleanse and convince my parents to try the Juju Cleanse too.

Interested about the Juju Cleanse? Feel free to drop by their website by clicking this link.


  1. Wow that sounds intense but kinda tasty. Haha. I don't think I could handle it. I'd be too hungry for real food haha. Love how I scrolled down to Korean BBQ.


  2. Seems like some interesting drinks! I'm curious to try the spicy limonada.

  3. Hahahah I laughed out loud reading this! The green drink sounds just awful, but some of the other juices sound tasty! Congrats on getting through the cleanse!


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